Hanwest Controller

The HAN-L62 microprocessor air conditioning controller is suitable for installation with all split or one piece packaged air conditioning ducted systems.

The HAN-L62 can be supplied to operate with reverse cycle, cool / electric element heat or add on cooling systems used with warm air furnaces and chilled water / hot water fan coil units.

It is ideally suited for residential or commercial installations and includes add on options that are necessary to satisfy the requirements of air conditioning consulting engineers and design and construct installers.

As an after market product the HAN-L62 is proving to be a popular choice by technicians as a replacement or upgrade for the older thermostat controls.

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The HAN-L62 will also allow from 1 to 3 slave controllers to be installed providing full control from 2, 3 or 4 locations a feature with a large demand in the residential market.

The HAN-L62 also incorporates a 7 day fully programmable timer and is suitable for either single stage cool / single stage heat with optional boost electric heat or two stage cool / two stage heat.


Backlit LCD display panel showing all modes of operation including:

  • Mode Operation: Heat, cool, fan, dry and auto changeover
  • With soft touch pad for on / off switching and all other mode selections
  • Fan Speeds: High - Medium - Low - Auto - Constant
  • Set Temperature Selection
  • Room Temperature Display
  • 12 Timer run on / off - selectable 1 hour increments
  • 24 hour digital clock
  • 7 day programmable timer (with up to 6 on / 6 off sequences per day)
  • Night set back function
  • Filter clean reminder
  • Key lock function (allows selected functions to be locked in)
  • Up to 4 wall controllers can be connected together
  • With optional zone relay board connected up to six motorised dampers can be controlled
  • With optional remote sensors connected up to 4 zones can be monitored and temperature control averaged