Unilok FR1

Insulated, Fire Rated Flexible Duct that complies to AS 4254 & is suitable for all Types of HVAC Systems.

A flexible duct manufactured “tough” for consumer & installer peace of mind. Unlike other types of flexible duct, UNILOK FR1 has an outer steel rib that ensures the products integrity and correct diameter, even in the tightest bends.

Due to its steel rib, it is not prone to glue failure or fatigue (sagging or ovalization) from vibration with age like plastic ribbed or non ribbed glued duct.

UNILOK FR1 is available manufactured with an acoustic inner core that complies to AS 4254 in its insulated form at no extra cost. Operating temperature range -10°C to +80°C.

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Plain Nude RM0.6 RM1.0
SIZE 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr
4" (100mm) N/A N/A
5" (125mm) N/A N/A
6" (150mm)
8" (200mm)
10" (250mm)
12" (300mm)
14" (350mm)
16" (400mm)
18" (450mm)
20" (500mm)
22" (550mm)
24" (600mm)

• = Available

INNER CORE (Plain Nude)
UNILOK FR1 plain nude is manufactured from a thick, fire rated, UV Stabalised, low density polyethylene that is locked together in a steel rib that encapsulates a spring steel wire.
UNILOK FR1 is thermally insulated with polyester fibre to achieve a nominal thermal rating of either RM0.6 or RM1.0
The outer jacket on UNILOK FR1 is manufactured from a thick, fire rated, UV stabalised, low density polyethylene.