Aluminium Diffusers

Aluminium Round, Jet Eyeball Diffusers are designed for a range of applications including air-conditioning, evaporative cooling and ventilation purposes.

Aluminium Round Diffusers are used for supply air and are an ideal choice for high ceilings or walls in hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, office buildings, exhibition halls, airports etc.

Aluminium Round Diffusers are manufactured from spun aluminium and have a fully welded frame. The round diffusers have a removable core for ease of installation.

The Eyeball Diffusers airflow can be easily adjusted from a jet to a diffused pattern by adjusting the direction of the core.

The standard colour for the Aluminium Round, Jet and Eyeball Diffusers is white powder coated.

Westaflex / Uniflex can custom print this product with a choice of over 3000 available patterns as well as endless background colours.

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150 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
200 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
250 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
300 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
400 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
450 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
500 White Eyeball / Jet Diffuser
200 White Aluminium Round with Damper
250 White Aluminium Round with Damper
300 White Aluminium Round with Damper
200 White Aluminium Round
250 White Aluminium Round
300 White Aluminium Round