Zoning/Connectivity System

The simple yet effective design ensures:

For the Homeowner

  • Lower running costs
  • Higher comfort levels
  • Lower Greenhouse emissions
  • High level of flexibility; zoning combinations are virtually endless
  • High Quality zone motors with minimum 5 years Warranty
  • Peace of mind with name brand motors you can trust

For the Contractor / Installer

  • Maximum overall height (dependant on poly fitting used) less than 400mm
  • Massive reduction in zone motor failure compared to ‰’No Name‰’ brands
  • Reduces Installation time and faulty motor callbacks
  • Allows the flexibility of combining most poly fittings to suit each individual installation
  • Eliminates wasted offcuts of ducting
  • Reduced taping of duct (taping over all joins recommended)
  • Easy to transport, assemble on site, sub floor or in roof space
  • Choice of 240 or 24v motors

Further information is available on request.

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