Air Transfer Kit No.1

The basic single point kit is suitable for transferring heat to a bedroom or similar sized room.

The fan is a quiet centrifugal type.

As per all our kits, they are easy to install and only need a qualified electrician for mains connection.

All our kits also have the ability to be extended where additional ducting lengths are required.

FAN SIZE: 150mm (6‰”)
FAN TYPE: Centrifugal
PERFORMANCE: 115 l/s Max
FAN COLOUR: Slate Grey

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  • 2 off - 3 metre lengths 150mm Insulated Flexible Duct
  • 2 off - 150mm Unijet Ceiling Diffusers
  • 1 off - 150mm R2E 190 Centrifugal Fan (Low Profile)
  • 1 off - 48mm x 30mtr Roll of Tape
  • 1 off - 25mm x 50mtr roll of Hanging Strap
  • 1 off - Pair fan mounts
  • 1 off - Thermostat Control