Skylight Ducting

Ducting for the skylight industry

Skylight Ducting was designed and is manufactured for the skylight industry where a flexible shaft is required.

Traditionally products similar to our V-Flex Plain Nude are used, however as these are exposed to direct sunlight, a shorter lifespan can sometimes occur due to UV degradation.

Westaflex Skylight Ducting does not use glue in its construction, we use a steel formed rib, therefore it is not prone to glue failure or fatigue.

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 SIZE 1.5m 3m
10" (250mm)
12" (300mm)
14" (350mm)
16" (400mm)
18" (450mm)
20" (500mm)
22" (550mm)
24" (600mm)

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Skylight Ducting is manufactured from a thick spun bonded, non woven polypropylene laminated to a highly reflective metallised polyester film that is locked together with a steel rib that encapsulates a spring steel wire.