Insulated, Fire Rated Flexible Duct which complies to AS 4254 and is suitable for all Types of HVAC Systems.

  • Is made in Australia
  • Meets National Construction Code Requirements
  • Core has a steel rib for strength
  • Is not prone to glue failure
  • Is available either acoustic or plain
  • Can be ovalised for restricted height installations
  • Has user friendly polyfibre insulation that meets AS 4859.1, 2002 inc. 2006 amendments
  • Is part of the Unilok family of flexible ducting, that has won Australian Design Mark and Consensus Manufacturing awards
SKU: 56 Category:
RM0.6 RM1.25 RM1.5 RM2.0 RM2.5
SIZE 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr 3mtr 6mtr
6" (150mm) N/A N/A
8" (200mm) N/A N/A
10" (250mm) N/A N/A
12" (300mm) N/A N/A
14" (350mm) N/A N/A
16" (400mm) N/A N/A
18" (450mm) N/A N/A
20" (500mm) N/A N/A N/A Note:
Commercial Applications 3mtr lengths only should be used.
 22" (550mm) N/A N/A N/A N/A
24" (600mm) N/A N/A N/A N/A

• = Available

INNER CORE (Plain Nude)

GREENDUCT® plain nude is manufactured from a thick, fire rated, UV Stabilized, low density polyethylene that is locked together in a steel rib that encapsulates a spring steel wire.


GREENDUCT‰® is thermally insulated with polyester fibre to achieve a nominal thermal rating of either RM0.6, RM1.25, RM1.5, RM2.0 or RM2.5.


The outer jacket on GREENDUCT® is manufactured from one layer of clear PET bonded to one layer of green metallised PET encapsulation cotton reinforcing for strength.