Univent ‘Plus’

The Univent PLUS installs easily.

Simply snap the duct adaptor onto the back of the grille, then with light pressure push the Univent PLUS into the pre-cut hole in the ceiling and let the “snap down” clips lock the diffuser into place, holding the Univent PLUS firm and flush along the ceiling line.

Features of the Univent ‰’PLUS‰’ include:

  • Light weight, durable, rust free, colour fast material
  • Snap on adaptor with optional damper
  • Minimises the effects of cold bridging (condensation)
  • Easy selection and setting of air flow using each assembly to direct air where you want it
  • Models to fit high demand outlet sizes
  • Snap down clips for fast/safe installation
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Available Neck Sizes



225 x 225 / 9 x 9

300 x 300 / 12 x 12

375 x 375 / 15 x 15

375 x 550 / 15 x 22