Round Diffusers

  • Quick Fit Fixing Clips
  • Resistant to scratching & fading
  • Manufactured from engineered polymers
  • Positive lock duct tabs
  • Stainless manufactured from 304 grade steel


Jet Diffusers

Unijet has been designed not to just ‰'dump‰' the air straight down like standard diffusers. The Unijet disperses the air over a greater area because its louvres are at staggered angles which gives a more even dispersement of air in the desired room or space.

Westaflex / Uniflex can custom print this product with a choice of over 3000 available patterns as well as endless background colours.

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150mm (6") White Tradies Choice Jet
200mm (8") White Tradies Choice Jet
250mm (10") White Tradies Choice Jet
150mm (6") White Cone Centre
200mm (8") White Cone Centre
250mm (10") White Cone Centre
300mm (12") White Cone Centre
150mm (6") White Tradies Choice Eggcrate
200mm (8") White Tradies Choice Eggcrate
250mm (10") White Tradies Choice Eggcrate
100mm (4") White Eco-Round
150mm (6") White Eco-Round
200mm (8") White Eco-Round
150mm (6") White Flat Disc
100mm (4") Silver Stainless Round
125mm (5") Silver Stainless Round
150mm (6") Silver Stainless Round
100mm (4") Silver Stainless Dome
125mm (5") Silver Stainless Dome
150mm (6") Silver Stainless Dome