ARBS 2016

Jun 01, 2016

Westaflex once again exhibited in the ARBS exhibition, again held in Melbourne Victoria Australia between 17th and 19th May 2016.

Below is a pictorial series showing the set-up of the stand, the stand as presented and some pictures of the products that were displayed to the existing and potential new customers.

img1Set up started slow due to congestion on the floor between all the stand builders needing aisle way to store the stand making parts.

We arrived to set up at 2pm, but were not able to begin until 4.30pm when an pathway to our stand was made, mostly by us. Our stand floor area was 6mtr x 12mtr.

img2By the end of the first day of set up, we had the floor down and the end logo light boxes and fan displays platforms in place. We didn’t finish until after 7.30pm.

I know this is not that late but when you consider it was a Saturday night, I appreciate our staff staying back to assist.

img3By around 2pm on Sunday we had the main frame work up as were about to start adding the duct supports.

The duct supports just happen to be 130 of the large fan anti vibration mounts.

Just another application they have been used on over the years.

img4Another picture of the frame just before the mounts were installed.

img5Starting now to install the mounts.

A lot of ladder work required for hours on end. It really tests the leg muscles over time.

img6Although we had never actually set this version of the stand up before, it goes to show that with a little imagination and a willingness of the people around you to help you, just about anything is possible once you set your mind to it.

img7Here is a picture from the other end of the stand.

It shows the lighting internally as well as some of the ducting that was on display.

img8Another of the ducting on display. As you can see, on this side we had Greenduct Rm 2.0 & 2.5, UNILOK Fr1 in Rm 0.6 and Rm 1.0, GOLDduct Rm 2.0, and Greenduct Quadroflex in Rm 1.25 & Rm 2.0.

img9Another of the ducting on display. On this side we had Greenduct Rm 1.25 & 1.5, Tradeflex in Rm 0.6 and Rm 1.0, SemiRigid Alum flexible duct, Skyduct and V-Flex Plain Nude.

img10This is a picture of the stand showing a eyeball / jet diffuser, a Poly Cone diffuser, a aluminium jet diffuser, a EC 250mm Westaflex Thru Roof Cowl and a SIMX 150mm Thru Roof Cowl.

img11This picture shows our zone display that was totally working with both Siemens and Belimo actuators.

These were mounted on both poly and metal barrels including Tradies Choice, SDS and Westaflex versions.

img12This was our EC Fan display. It showed the complete range of EC fans that we have available, both centrifugal and axial version.

There was a similar display on the other side showing the AC version of our fans.

This is one of two of the stands showing a range of Hydrograhically Printed grilles and diffusers. By far these printed products were the most popular items for people who came on the stand to look at.

img13Another stand showing Hydrograhically Printed grilles and diffusers.

This one also has a Thru Roof Cowl on it, for something a little different.

img14Here we have a 3.5kW Samsung High Wall Split head unit printed in what is known as Graffiti Bomb.

When installing into schools child care centres or similar where kids are involved, even sports centres, these would look great.

img15Because no one really wants to see the outdoor units, we printed this one in a camo finish. This was the most popular item on display.

img16This one shows what I think has huge potential. It is a piece of solid ducting that can sometimes be exposed especially in shopping centres etc.

img17This one is covered in a rose print.

Yes, probably one that would not be a big seller, but was one that had a lot of attention because of the detail.

This one is, by far, the most popular print finish. It is a carbon finish with grey background.

These look great on most surfaces. If you don’t sell this finish, I would be most surprised.

img18This one is a snake skin finish. Again, it looks great.

img20This one is a bit hard to see, however the outer frame is finished in a dark wood grain.

The inner door grille louvres can also be done however can sometimes be a little difficult.

img21This is one of my favourite products. As a swirl diffuser, like most other diffusers, they are ugly, in your face type products. So seeing we need diffusers to let the air out in the most efficient way possible, why not make them a talking piece for the positive rather than negative.

No wonder it is hard to see how many zebras there are together in the wild.

img22Similar to the door grille, this weather proof grille has also only had the outer frame done.

The wood grain finish is excellent. Again, if the customer wanted the louvres done this is possible.

img24This is a carbon finish on an eyeball / jet diffuser.

On this one you cannot do the inner ball as it moves around against a seal. However the outer ring is easy to print and provides a great finish.

img23This is a 250mm Thru Roof Cowl completely covered in what is called a “sticker bomb”.

Again, as much as it is “out there”, it is one of the more popular coverings. Now I am not saying that this is the best finish for the cowl, far from it, but it does show just how good a finish is possible.

img25These are two stainless steel weather proof cowls, one covered in a wood grain finish, the other finished in a paisley print.

The wood grain finish product is a copy of the first unit we ever did for a customer that required the grille but wanted it in wood and would not accept anything else. We didn’t get the whole A/C job initially, however when we were able to offer the grille we ended up with the whole job.