May 11, 2016

The Brief

To install a cooling system in an existing office complex with a flat roof.

Installation was to result in no remodelling if possible. Given the conservation nature of the facility, our solution was also required to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Our solution

  • Air conditioning: We engineered and fitted six small duct systems with an EPC motor for refrigerative cooling. The EPC motor consumes up to 50% less power when compared to a standard motor.
  • Smart climate zoning: We divided the building into six sections, all controlled via a central programmable point. Occupants in each area can adjust the setting to suit their needs, while Management can control overall energy use.
  • Space saving: We fitted all equipment to the underside of the building resulting in no visual impact to the property.
  • Outside air: To improve the air quality, we installed small duct system fan coils that provide 1800L of filtered outside air per second. We also fitted energy recovery ventilators to transfer up to 80% of the exhausted energy into the fresh air.


The small duct system worked perfectly within the limited space and no remodelling was required. Our client was pleased with the system’s affordable capital outlay and low ongoing costs. All environmental goals were met – and more than 60 office staff members remain happy and comfortable.